How to Enroll at AAJ

Students’ Application Procedures

1  Parents should fill out an application form at the reception area and should submit it with a 50 JD application fee.

2  Prospective students will take an entrance assessment to evaluate their skills. For elementary students, the entrance assessment will evaluate them in three main subjects: Mathematics, English and Arabic Languages. International students will     only sit for Mathematics and English Language.

3  Parents will be notified of the results by phone.

4  Once the student is accepted, the parents must pay the registration fee along with the deposit fee to reserve the student’s                  seat.

5   The student acceptance letter will be given to the parents after receiving all supporting documents.

List of supporting documents to be submitted when the student is accepted

  • Student’s Birth Certificate  (An authorized copy for foreigners)
  • Student’s Medical Records Including Vaccination Records
  • Student’s Previous School Records / Transcripts
  • Two (2) Photos for elementary students and (6) photos for KGs students
  • Auricular checkup (PTA) “Pure Tone Average”, – and not- (Tympanometry), and a vision checkup with its report, will be required for the KGs students.
  • Official family booklet (Only Jordanians)
  • A valid residency permit for students and parents  (Only Foreigners)
  • A copy of passport for student and parents, certified by their own embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Only Foreigners)
  • Work Permit for one parent issued by the Ministry of Labor (Only Foreigners)

Pre-Register Your Child

For further assistance, please send out any questions or request of information to


Use the following format in your email to allow us better assist you:

* Full Name

* Phone Number

* Question / Issue

 *  The application fee is 50 JD.  The registration fee is 200 JD.

 *   The application and registration fees are only for new students and are non-refundable.

*  A non-refundable deposit fee of 500 JD reserves the student’s seat and will be credited towards the tuition. 

*  A discount of 5% will be given when all of the fees are fully paid before the beginning of the school year. 

*  There is a 5% discount for a second child and a 10% discount for a third child.

 *  Books, uniforms and school buses fees will vary depending on grade and location.

Financial Aid

Alliance Academy Jordan is not able to offer scholarships at this time.