Who We Are

Welcome to Alliance Academy Jordan (AAJ)

Welcome to Alliance Academy Jordan (AAJ). We are an international school accredited with Cambridge Primary and Secondary. AAJ is located in southern Amman near Kan Zaman and Ikea. AAJ was established in 2014 and has new facilities with spacious classrooms and new technology. The Alliance Academy is co-educational and we believe that children learn best together in an inclusive environment. We are sponsored by the National Alliance Church of Jordan.

Dr. Ben Schepens
General Director


Our vision is to inspire a community where all children feel valued and learn together to reach their full potential with an eternal perspective.


We exist to provide an excellent education in a loving, caring and inclusive environment where everyone can grow holistically to make a positive impact in their community.


AAJ believes in providing a safe learning environment for all children. While we strive to offer an excellent education in academics, we also believe that children need an equally strong education in other skills that will prepare them for life. Therefore, we are dedicated to cultivating the strengths that are innate in each child.

We are committed to having a high expectation for all children to learn, and are determined to allow the students’ needs to drive the educational plan. We believe that we should also be intent upon creating awareness of each child’s worth and potential by educating parents and the community about the possibility and benefits of teaching all children in an inclusive environment.



We are committed to excellence in education, creating life-long learners, and developing responsible citizens.


We are a community that honors diversity, extends grace, and promotes integrity.


We are loved by God. Therefore, we love others, and in doing so, build strong relationships, teach self-confidence, and create a community where everyone feels valued.


We are proud to announce that AAJ is accredited by CIE Cambridge International Curriculum to offer four stages of the program:

CP Cambridge Primary,  CS Cambridge Lower Secondary,  IGCSE and O level  Cambridge Upper Secondary, and AS and A2  Cambridge Advanced