Learning At AAJ


Welcome to KG at Alliance Academy Jordan, where your child is valued and special.  Kindergarten is an exciting, dynamic place to learn, play and grow! Here we emphasize academic, social, emotional, physical and cultural growth through a foundation of international study and citizenship. Our learners become socially intelligent through a focus on the development of positive attitudes towards self, towards people, towards the environment and towards learning. Life-long learning is developed through inquiry-based, hands-on approaches. Our loving and caring teachers are well trained to use a creative curriculum, which is all integrated together to provide differentiation to meet all our students needs. At our school we provide opportunity for children to play, think, discover and learn so they may reach their highest potential.

Neveen Nabeih AL Hamarneh 
KG Principal


On behalf of the primary school staff, I sincerely welcome you, parents and students, to our exquisite community, where we believe that every child is unique. We are committed to discover the distinctiveness of each student and further develop it by providing the best education possible. We couple this with building a balanced character within each child, as our school strives to produce students who have a proud identity, are spiritually solid, and are socially responsible.

Successful schools are those that work in partnership with their community, hence, I am personally looking forward to knowing you and working together for the best for our children.

Primary School Principal

Character Education

AAJ strives to be a holistic learning environment. This means that we value educating the hearts of students as well as their minds. We believe that our students should learn positive character traits such as honesty, responsibility, compassion, and empathy in a loving environment that models these traits. As a result, AAJ will work hard to produce students who are socially responsible, capable of impacting their community positively.

Learning Support

AAJ believes in providing a nurturing learning environment for all children. We are dedicated to finding the strengths that are innate in each child.  We have high expectation for all children to learn, and are determined to allow the students’ needs to drive the educational plan. 

We believe that we should be intent upon creating awareness of each child’s worth and potential by educating parents and the community about the possibility and benefits of teaching all children in an inclusive environment.


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